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Pizza Guy Vs Mailman

             If you had to compare and contrast two individuals or groups, would you ever think about choosing a pizza delivery guy and a mailman as your subjects? I figured that most people would choose the obvious groups: Blue-collar workers and White collar workers; Smokers and non-smokers; Drinkers and non-drinkers. I didn't want to choose one of the typical responses. So I am taking the lighthearted approach on the subject and will give similarities and some differences between the pizza deliveryman, and the mailman. .
             The pizza delivery guy, our savior of the midnight munchies, doesn't have to be a male like the name suggests. He or she is a well-respected person by many if not all college students. Who else can we call at two thirty in the morning when we are craving a slice or two? Giving people what they want and making them happy brings self-gratification. A smile on their face brings a smile to yours and makes the job worthwhile. Whoever came up with the idea of having someone deliver pizza to you, should not be thought of as a lazy person, but as a charitable figure. .
             Delivering pizza must be taken seriously, as with every job, there come responsibilities. Some people do like eating cold pizza, but when you call in an order you expect to have that pizza hot, and there as quickly as possible. There is a lot of pressure put on the pizza man. Whether it be raining or snowing, he or she will deliver as promised. They must constantly drive with a sense of urgency but at the same time, precision; a tricky task while having a hot pizza resting on your vinyl seat. Nobody wants to receive a pizza to find that the cheese is stuck to the top of the box. Also trying to locate your house, and deliver the pizza within thirty minutes can be difficult. If that pizza is not in your hand in thirty minutes it is on them, and they are out fifteen dollars, plus tip.
             Rain or shine you know your mail will be delivered on time.

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