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Pizza Hut paper

             A type of problem every student has to deal with during his college time is " what am I going to do after? " As for me, I always had a quite precise idea about my future professional projects. It would concern either interpreting or translating. I will be sticking to my initial goal, so after my master degree, I would like to enroll myself in an interpret school In this case every journey abroad would be a great learning experience for me to enhance my language skills. I started by spending a year in Germany, and that really helped me to improve my German because I found myself bathed in the culture where I was obligated to speak German daily. Obviously, it is the best thing to do so, this year, it was necessary for me to spend some time in an Anglo-Saxon land. I got lucky because it happened that my uncle lives in California where it would be very convenient for me to go and spend a month with him in his company. He works for Pizza Hut as an area manager in the city of Pasadena (Los Angeles). It was a great deal of opportunity for me to see how a Company like Pizza Hut operates on a daily basis. Considering this corporation exists in every part of the world, it would be beneficial to explore different aspects of the food industry such as financials, human resource, training, and marketing.
             My main objectives were to take part in meetings of different departments. Region meetings where all decisions are made to improve the daily operations of the business, Human resource meetings are to evaluate the status and development of current staff and Area manager level meetings are direct communication with the restaurant level managers to assess business opportunities and recognize results and achievements. With my uncle's position I was able to go out on the road to conduct routine visits daily. .

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