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            Currently, pizza companies are in a pizza war for a gain in the market share. Pizza Hut, Papa John's and Domino's are all in close competition to be the leading pizza provider. Issues such as, product innovation, sampling, media spending, sales promotions and the quality of the pizza are in the minds of both the company and the consumer. In the following paper, I will address the ordering methods of non-college households, suggested budget allocation and slogan suggestion. .
             Upon conducting research among non-college students, I have found that many buyers of pizza are similar in buying habits. After questioning a few non-college adults I know regarding pizza preference, I discovered that a majority the households rely on sales promotions such as coupons to choose pizza retailers. Although the survey group differs in age and other basic demographic information, the results from this mini-survey are fairly consistent. This will directly influence my suggestions for the budget allocation, which will be addressed later in this paper. .
             The main consistency I found in this survey is the fact that many consumers rely on coupons in choosing pizza retailers. In 75 percent of the adults I surveyed, coupons were a deciding factor. However, I found that not all outlets for coupon distribution are effective. For example, coupons that are distributed on the pizza boxes are not generally redeemed. The majority of coupons that are used by these consumers are gathered from daily and weekend newspapers, a media outlet not common to the college population. .
             In regards to buyer behavior, I openly asked these adults the process of choosing pizza retailers. In response, they listed different factors such as: brand loyalty, incentive programs, taste and coupons, as mentioned earlier. In all cases, these consumers depend on take-out for the consumption of pizza. This coincides with the information presented regarding the large portion of revenue by these pizza companies from take-out and delivery.

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