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Mama Mia:The Perfect Pizza

            ATTENTION-GETTER Begin with a Question (1.1) Which world-renowned food can be round or square, salty or sweet, and.
             eaten as a meal anytime of the day or night? (1.2) Time is up. ANSWER TO QUESTION (1.3) Usually yummy, sometimes.
             gooey, but always an unequaled experience,the answer is pizza. TRANSITIONAL SENTENCE (1.4) Pizza is the.
             perfect food. TRANSITIONAL SENTENCE (1.5) Of all the prepared foods, pizza is one of the most versatile and diverse.
             TRANSITIONAL SENTENCE (1.6) It can be eaten hot and fresh from the oven or frozen and stored for later use.
             TRANSITIONAL SENTENCE (1.7) It is portable and can vary in taste. TRANSITIONAL SENTENCE (1.8) If it sounds.
             simply heavenly and absolutely divine, that's because it is. BACKGROUND INFORMATION FOR NONEXPERT READERS.
             (1.9) However, although pizzas are seemingly complex examples of human design and ingenuity, there is no complex.
             mathematical equation involved in their creation. TRANSITIONAL SENTENCE (1.10) They are actually very simple in.
             essence. THESIS AND PREVIEW LIST OF ESSENTIAL CHARACTERISTICS (1.11) All pizzas consist of delicious dough, sensational sauce, and tantalizing toppings.
             TS (2.1) First things first, a perfect pizza requires perfect dough. PS (2.2) The basic pizza dough recipe consists of.
             four simple items. PS (2.3) The first ingredient is water. SS (2.4) For tasty dough, the water should be clear, tasteless,.
             colorless, and odorless. PS (2.5) The second essential element of flawless pizza dough is flour. SS (2.6) The flour can be made of whole wheat, durum, or cornmeal. SS (2.7) The type of flour used also determines the amount of water used in the dough.PS (2.8) Traditionally, salt is also a key element in pizza dough. SS Because it absorbs humidity, sea salt is the best salt to use.PS (2.9) The last ingredient in immaculate pizza dough is yeast. SS (2.10) Yeast is necessary because it produces gases that aid in the fermentation of the dough.PS (2.11)Four simple ingredients: dough, water, flour, salt and yeast, make complex and delicious pizza dough.

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