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How to make a Pizza

            Making the perfect pizza is like an artist making a masterpiece. It takes time and practice to make a great pizza. The more you work at it, the better your pizza will look time after time. Don't get frustrated if your pizza doesn't come out the way you want it. The part of pizza making is like a fine wine it gets better with age.
             The first thing you will need to make the pizza are all the ingredients and utensils. The ingredients you will need consist of dough, pizza sauce, sugar, cheese, and pepperoni. You can also add other toppings on your pizza such as mushrooms, sausage, bacon, and peppers if you'd like to. Utensils you will need are as followed; a pizza pan about the size of the pizza you want to make, a medium size bowl, a fork, a long handle metal spoon, and a pizza cutter to cut your pizza with.
             First, we can start out by making your sauce. I like to use pre-made pizza sauce to simplify the pizza making process. After I pour the can of pizza sauce into a bowl, I add a Ā½ cup of sugar. After that, stir up your sauce until the sugar dissolves. If you want to make your own sauce, I'm sure you can find many different recipes over the Internet. Use one that suits your tastes and needs.
             Now that we have our sauce made, we need to spread our dough out on the pizza pan. If you put vegetable spray on the pan and your hands, it will help you to spread the dough on to the pan. Take your dough and roll it into a ball and place it in the center of your pizza pan. Take your hands and spread out the dough, from the middle of the pan outwards. If you start at the outside ends of the dough then your pizza will be too thick in the middle and too thin around the edges. It's a good idea to spread the dough out so it's about the same thickness all the way around the pan.
             The next step you can do is optional. If you take a fork or some like a fork and poke little holes in the pizza dough, it will help keep your pizza from bubbling up.

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