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Dumpster Diving

             Dumpster Diving in the United States is to most people gross and degrading but to some it's a form of survival. In the story "Dumpster Diving" by Lars Eigner, He tells his story about how he picked up Dumpster diving. He was becoming down on his luck not able to afford bills and food. So for food he began to dig around dumpsters and this is where he explains how he had no choice to this and how he starts learning how cruel and ignorant people can be. For instants he started hanging around a pizza parlor because they would throw out pizza that people didn't pick up or if they made the wrong kind of pizza they would just throw it out. So since it was in a box in the trash he just pulled it out and ate it. But when the pizza parlor employees found out that some one was digging in the trash for the old pizza they started to put a lot of chili thinking that people wont want it for being to hot. They also started to keep their trash indoors over night just so no one will get to it. Then he explained how ignorant people could be for throwing out such good food. For example in the college dorm dumpsters he said that, "student would just throw out things just because the date was past by only a day or they just left something out over night." .
             From reading this story Dumpster Diving I learned how rude and cruel people could be. Well I already knew how rude people could be so I guess its how ignorant people can be. The gentleman in the story explained how people could be so rude and cruel like when he was eating the old pizza that got thrown out in the trash the people that worked there would just do things to the food so that maybe he wouldn't want to eat it. Then like when they started noticing that someone was getting in the trash they locked it up over night in the building. Now honestly that's the dumbest thing that I've ever heard of. What's wrong with someone trying to survive just by wanting to eat the food from a trash, I mean why would someone even care it's getting thrown away anyway.

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