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Propaganda In Advertising

            Today's television companies are using many different types of propaganda techniques to grasp the viewer's attention and persuade them into buying their product. Propaganda is a persuasive tool used in advertising to get a person to become interested in a product. Propaganda can be used when a person tries to get someone to do something they might not want to do such as: taking their first drink of beer or some other kind of influential type situation. Ann McClintock's, "Propaganda Techniques in Today's Advertising", is based on the way different types of techniques are used and how they sell products. McClintock's essay is about the way propaganda and its various techniques affect the everyday television viewer. Different types of propaganda have different ways of affecting the viewer but all propaganda based commercials have the same goal and that is to get the viewer to buy their product.
             The product being advertised in my first commercial is Church's Chicken. The commercial starts off with an older black woman telling the viewer's she is going for a midnight snack of some Church's Chicken. As she walks into the kitchen and tuns on the light she is startled by the appearance of Santa Clause. He is sitting down at the woman's table eating her chicken. She calls 911 and tells him to get out, quit eating her chicken, and then bluntly calls him a fat boy. The commercial then goes into a picture of an eight piece family meal with eight pieces of chicken, four biscuits, three ears of corn, and a bowl of mashed potatoes and gravy all described by a man's voice. In this scene he reminds the viewer that the cost of the meal is only $9.99 and that it has a mouth-watering taste. Then, the commercial goes into another scene where the man's voice describes Church's smothered biscuits with chicken strips for only $1.99. The commercial then goes back to the woman who is outside with a chicken leg in her hand waving it up and down telling Santa to get his livestock off her roof.

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