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Characters and Symbolism in Lord of The Flies

            In Lord of the Flies, Jack is the main representative of the instinct of savagery and the desire for power, to be precise, Jack is almost the exact opposite of Ralph. Like Ralph, Jack has charisma and possesses leadership qualities, unlike Ralph, Jack is overwhelmed by power and abuses his authority over others. Throughout the novel, Jack portrays evil and violence, the dark side of human nature. He arrived on the island having experienced some success in exercising control over others as he was the "chapter chorister and head boy", which allowed him to dictate the choirboys (Golding 22). As soon as there is no civilization to keep order, Jack quickly falls out of line. Jack is one of the first boys to show a descent into savagery and has the biggest transformation in the duration of the novel, from choir leader to murderous savage.
             In the center of the circle, I have orange for Jack. The orange represents his energy and enthusiasm, especially for hunting. In the beginning of the novel, Jack expresses enthusiasm in wanting to help Ralph and wanting to get off the island. The orange also illustrates how Jack repeatedly demands for attention. Jack always wants to be in charge, whether it is with the choirboys or the other boys on the island. He believes he "ought to be chief" because he is "chapter chorister and head boy", and also because he "can sing C sharp" (Golding 22). Jack's flamboyancy is shown throughout the novel, as he is very confident in his words. Jack assuredly claims how "[they have] got to have rules and obey them. After all, [they are] not savages" and how "[they have] got to do the right things". Jack is positive they will be fine as long as they follow the rules as "[they are] English, and the English are best at everything", he implies that they have to be well-mannered, even though he is the first one to give into his primal instincts (Golding 42).

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