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Stereotypes in the Movie Crash

            Crash is a recently made movie depicting the good, the bad, and the ugly of stereotypes all across the board. Stereotypes are widely fixed and oversimplified images or ideas of a particular type of person or thing. So, simply put, a stereotype is a fixed generalization over certain things and/or people. .
             Throughout this movie, every particular type of person you can think of is shown in a stereotypical way. Crash shows a perfect, or should I say many perfect, examples of the 'rippling' effect your actions have on the society around you. It also shows how you should be aware of your surroundings and the consequences of the decision you make.
             My first example revolves around a Persian family shown multiple times. During the movie, the Persians unfortunately have their store broken into and completely vandalized. The owner took it upon himself to blame the locksmith even though you can tell that he knew it was not him and just wanted someone to blame. The owner finds the locksmith's business card and looks up his number in a book and finds his address so he can pay him a not so respectable visit. The owner takes his newly bought gun with him and attempts to shoot the locksmith, in the midst of fire, the locksmith's daughter jumps on top of him trying to protect him. Luckily enough, the owner's daughter actually bought her father blanks for his gun as she thought ahead and thought that maybe her father would do something wrong. Fortunately enough, because of the blanks, nobody got hurt during any of that. This event shows the rippling effect in an actually positive way, even though most of the time things like this do not turn out so positive.
             The next display of prejudice involves the police, specifically the Los Angeles Police Department, LAPD. Like everywhere else, there are good and bad policemen. The first example is the main police officer lives to take down drug dealers and criminals, while his own mother that does drugs and he does not do anything but help her.

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