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Corprate America Tastes Fruity

            Corporate America Tastes Fruity : I worked at Lowes .
             It's a movie place, with lots of movies playing. You get to watch people. You get to learn what people do and how people act. There are some pros and cons to working at a movie theatre. First off, you cant really think of your job as working at a movie theatre, I think of it as working another job, sort of like a 9 to 5 type of job. The type that Dilbert complains about. It's a good "learning experience". However, most people would think (by the sheer fact that I work at the movie theatre) that I would indeed get to see lots of free movies, or get free popcorn. But that's just not the case.
             Instead, I got instantly immersed in the harshness of the full corporate world. No decision is made at the theatre, much less any decision made by yours truly. But that doesn't change the way that people treat you in any way at all. It's like my co-workers and I do only exist for their use. Get me that, clean up this, that broom is there. Customers think that they"re doing us favors by telling us what we need to do. .
             My duties range from ripping customers off at the Box Office (where you buy your tickets), to the ever infamous cheating customers at the popcorn stand. All of the time they seem to find it to be the most funny personal joke to complain about how much the prices are. Wow, yes. You"re hilarious, indeed. Popcorn does cost a lot of money. Did you know that the giant yellow bags cost only 40 cents to make? That includes the minimum wage for the South American full time employees who work like no American probably has for over a generation. .
             And then there's the soda. It costs Lowe's around 75 dollars for a box of syrup. You didn't think that the soda comes to the theatre just like you buy from the bottle, did you? Oh, heavens no! It comes in boxes, filled with the stuff that makes coke taste so very cokey. Then we hook up some of the nozzles on the boxes to the hose that mixes it with a combination of carbon dioxide magic and a little touch of love, and then spray it into the paper cups at the stand.

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