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The Michael Brown Shooting

            A man is driving and is pulled over by a Police officer. The man rolls down his window and leans over to his glove box to find his license and registration. The cop then pulls out a gun and tells the man to put his hands up, but before the man can do that the officer shoots him two times in the chest through the window of the car. This is an example of police brutality. According to thelawdictionary.org "Police brutality is the use of excessive and/or unnecessary force by police when dealing with civilians." Although police brutality has been a problem in the past, it was not involved in the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson. Michael Brown.
             Was not as innocent as the media makes him seem. The media has blown this story way out of proportion. Most people don't know the truth about what actually happened. The media claims that he was a gentle giant, he never came close to the cop car, and he never moved towards the police officer. Michael brown was not as innocent as the media makes him out to be. Just hours before he was shot he was caught on tape with his friend robbing a convenience store in Ferguson. The media claims that he was a "Gentle Giant". He most definitely was a giant but it's the gentle part that I am not so sure about. Michael Brown was a six foot and four inches, three hundred pound African American man. He by no means was a small person. He was very intimidating and aggressive young man. The media used picture of 12-year-old Michael to support the claim that he was a gentle giant. Maybe at the time when he was twelve years old he was in fact a gentle giant but at the time of the shooting he was not gentle at all. In spite the fact that Michael was unarmed when Officer Wilson shot him, he was still very aggressive and was trying to attack the officer. .
             The Media claims that Michael brown never came close to the cop car. The officer pulled up close to Brown and his friend and asked them to walk on the sidewalk and Brown and his friend refused.

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