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What's With All the Fake Food?

            People are finally getting into the amount of food that's been processed and made with corn as one of the ingredients. I feel like a hipster when we talk about such a subject due to the fact that ever since I was little, I knew a lot about America, even though I was born outside the country. That's America's reputation, unhealthy people who are obese and rich. That's what the kids outside of America were told about America at the time, and nowadays it's the same out here. I hear adults saying the same thing trying to teach kids nowadays to eat healthier and avoid fast food. Then there's some people who try and say that without big agriculture and genetic modifications to the food, we'd starve due to the huge numbers of people on Earth. .
             Personally, I completely disagree with this claim. I do believe we're multiplying too quickly though, we're having more babies quicker and quicker, and since medicine is getting better the life spans are increasing. The only thing which is keeping us from living that long in the U.S. is the increase in unhealthy food and drinks. So maybe if we continue to eat fast food and we drinks soda and have shorter lives, ultimately we will have enough food for a few more generations, that's what I understand from that claim. If we could maybe just decrease the amount of food that is GMO related to like 50% of the food that you see on store shelves. we would be saving many people from health diseases like diabetes. I don't know what the states like Mississippi, West Virginia, and Alabama are thinking. Even California is way up there on the charts. Pretty much every state has a 20% obesity rate.
             Some people are too lazy to exercise so they go and get their fat surgically removed out of them, lazy bastards can't even take a walk from time to time. I really don't understand how people let themselves go as much as they do, they look like lab rats in comparison to most people.

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