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History of Ancient India

            Ancient India was a very interesting ancient civilization and it lasted many years. It developed in the Indus River Valley in Asia. It was a good place to develop because monsoons they made seasonal wind patterns that made wet or dry seasons thanks to that discovered agriculture and were able to survive many years. A close look at its advanced cities advanced technology specialized workers record keeping education system government system economic system religious system and culture will prove that ancient India had a very advanced civilization. Ancient India was able to be recognized as a great place from back then to today.
             Ancient India had a lot going for its time including its advanced cities advanced technology and specialized workers. In their cities they had wells workshops and Markets. For technology they had high quality tools and weights and measures. For specialized workers they had a vast majority of them. So they made the caste system to distinguish them. They were called Varna Brahmins were India's priest and were seen as the highest Varna. Next were the Kshatriyas who were rulers and the warriors who protected he citizens. After them came the Vaisyas who were farmers craftsmen and traders. Last but not least are the sudras who were the workers and servants. These were not the only things that made Ancient India so very advanced.
             Many more things made ancient India such an advanced city. These are such things such as Record Keeping. They had scribes that would record all the information. They had education there too. They were very good at math and science too. They were the ones that created the number zero. They also knew how to protect others from diseases. They had a very interesting government too. India was ruled by dynasty's that lasted hundreds of years. Also in Egypt they treated their king as a god. These were not the only things that made India so advanced.
             India was advanced in many other areas as well.

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