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The People and Culture of India

            In this assignment I am going to be looking at the culture of India . I will be examining all the different ways that the people of India live, their dress, religion, things that are symbolic to them, what they like to eat, what they are proud of, the language and schools. I will look at their lifestyles in detail, and how the children of India are brought up from a young age. I have chosen this culture as I've always been quite interested in India, but have never looked into it in depth so would like to have a clearer understanding of the lifestyle, it would be a place where I hope to visit one day. I think the women in India look beautiful in their clothing, and the food of India is lovely. Being a vegetarian myself I find they cater very well for this, and I know the cow is very sacred in India but don't understand it enough if somebody were to question me. I will be aiming to teach foundation phase children age 5-6 in year one. I believe it is really important for children to be able to embrace and learn about other countries so that they understand difference in people, without being judgmental. My aim will be to teach about this country over a number of weeks then bring in a celebration at the end of it, so that they can learn but also have fun. Children should be proud of their culture, but also realize what is important to children with different cultures, and I believe that the best place for a child to start learning is the home. There are many ways in which different cultures can be celebrated at home e.g dressing up, food, language. I think if parents were encouraged more by schools, media and health visitors etc then more children would benefit.
             Indian food has other influences such as Turkish, European and arab, as India is a very diverse country. The people of India use lots of herbs and spices, and they boast a large variety of different dishes. Basmati rice, Wheat and pulses with chana are used a lot in the Indian diet.

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