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Pandora's Box and Modern Society

            The myth of Pandora's Box is a simple story about curiosity, betrayal and revenge. There are many little parts of stories incorporated into the myth of Pandora's Box to make it the myth we know today, such as Prometheus and Epimetheus trying to do good for humans (Prometheus in particular), Zeus trying to get revenge and also the curiosity of Pandora. These are the most common parts which relate to society today.
             Prometheus and Epimetheus were very kind brothers who saw that humans were struggling to live without the gift of fire. Zeus had ordered that humans were not allowed fire as they might misuse the power, but Prometheus in particular, saw how humans were struggling without it. They were cold, they couldn't cook meat and a lot of humans were very sick. Prometheus defied Zeus's orders and gave humans the gift of fire. This particular part of the story shows how sometimes we break rules for good reasons. An event in today's society where we break the rules for the good of other people is granting asylum seekers visas. These people travel from war ridden countries in leaky boats in the hopes of a new life in our country. Although it takes a long time and the process is very complex, we grant visas to most of these people because it's the right thing to do, they deserve a new life and we can see how much they have struggled to live in our country. We bend the rules and make it work.
             Another part which relates to today's society is Zeus's revenge. Zeus was angry with Prometheus and Epimetheus for giving humans the gift of fire, so naturally he got revenge. His revenge was very thoroughly thought out and complex. He created Pandora as a gift to Epimetheus. Pandora was the first woman on earth and Epimetheus was madly in love with her. As a wedding gift Zeus gave them a jar with the instructions to never open it under any circumstances, which of course Pandora did. Opening the jar let out all the evils of the world, death, sickness, hurt, etc.

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