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The Road to Success

            In order to be successful in life, you must make goals and aspirations for yourself. I want to become vocal professor in the future. The musical work field is a hard occupation to maintain. It's very competitive and people constantly get laid off. The steps I will need to take in order to ensure my future are to earn a college degree and plan ahead.
             Some people say that college is unnecessary for people who are trying to pursue the arts. They say that pursuing art requires no postsecondary education. In Michelle Singletary's article, "Not All College Majors are Created Equal," Singletary proclaims that students should rethink before choosing a major to pursue in college because certain fields of work are hard to be successful in, unless you've been preparing yourself for that career since you were in high school. She provides evidence on which majors are more likely to have a higher paying career out of college and which majors have the highest unemployment rates. Singletary often claims that students who participate in an internship that correlates with his/her major will have a wider variety of job opportunities than students who do not have "on the job" experience. Singletary's main purpose is to inform students and parents that the cost of a four-year university isn't worth it if you don't know what your plan is after you graduate and to encourage students to research his/her major before diving into it. .
             In my opinion, I feel that she is wrong. It doesn't matter what your major is. In general, a person who works hard for his/her aspirations has a greater advantage when it comes to job opportunities than a person who didn't work towards expanding his/her knowledge in his/her major. I also feel she is wrong because in college, you meet many, many people who may have many, many connections. By knowing the right people, you can achieve your goals without having to get too much "hands on" experience.

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