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Hispanic-Americans, Race and Community

             It's never totally wiped out; it's in remission" (Nelson, 2008, para. There are several different races, nationalities and cultures that surround my entire community. Although the racism against Hispanic Americans in my community is not as harsh as it once was, it is however still in existence as we are still considered the minority race and sometimes still discriminated against. Pueblo is known as a "blue collar" community because of the Colorado Fuel and Iron mill, also known as the CF&I steel mill. When the workers of the steel mill could no longer commit to the stoop labor required to take care of their crop farms, they invited my ancestors back into our community to fulfill the demand of crops needed from their farms. As time went on, my ancestors were used to pick specialty crops on a seasonal basis and were paid well below minimum wage with no benefits at all. .
             Being that my ancestors were working here in the "blue collar community," they brought their families along so they would not have to leave them behind. The citizens of my community hated the fact that my ancestors were here and did not want them to be able to do anything else except farm work, and all of this behavior and hatred led to my ancestors to have to face prejudice, segregation, as well as racism after everything they had already been through. According to the OAH, while here in the United States, the children of my ancestors were not permitted to attend the same schools as those children that were considered natural citizen of my community. My ancestors were also forbid to enter certain places with signs on the doors that read "No Mexicans Allowed." After becoming citizens, they were still not allowed to vote, and they also had to live in certain "red lined" areas of town where living conditions were poverty level at best. .
             Since then, things around my community seem to have changed for the better, allowing us as Hispanic Americans the same or close to being the same opportunities as everyone else, but even though this change is a lot better for my community than it was several years ago , there are still people that continue to "live in the past".

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