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Nazi Anti-Semitic Policies of 1939-1945

            As the II World War began in September 1939, Hitler was finally able to bring his dreams about setting the world free from "Jewish disease" to life. Before the war broke out, hatred for Jews and anti-Semitism were raising in society, nothing but unclear and occasional public threats were found in Hitler's documents, though. Everything was starting to change. Right after the begging of the war on 7 October 1939 Hitler issued a decree where he gave Himmel permission to deport all Jews from Greater Germany to the east and to resettle them together with 2 million Polish Jews under the German law. Although his plan was working, he had to stop with the number of only 4.700 Jews deported from Austria and Bohemia, as their presence could thwart his plans of possible gathering military force in Poland against Soviet Union. After the defeat of France new opportunity occurred. Jews could be transported to Madagascar, also known as "Madagascar plan" to decimate successfully with the tropical weather the Jewish population but since the loss with Britain plan was inoperable. Therefore, they ended up locking Jews in ghetto prisons in Poland. .
             Decision to attack Soviet Union in the summer of 1941 taken in November 1940 intensified violent war with Jewish nation. In May and June of 1941, Hitler issued first order to murder specified groups such as Jewish men, who served Soviet Union, armed forces or communist party. It was the first time he ordered to kill Jews; it was not his first order to murder national enemies, though. After the invasion on 22 June 1941, Einsatzgruppen began to exterminate Jewish men of any kind. It started a huge wave of Jewish mass-murder accompanied by local anti-Semites in countries Lithuania, Belorussia and Ukraine with tremendous number of killed Jews. Many of them were also forced to ghettos, where they died because of hunger, cold, and diseases. The programme of mass-murder was therefore not about the genocide itself, but about its scale, as it already started on the high scale.

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