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Human Trafficking in the United States

            Human trafficking is a current form of slavery, with prohibited smuggling and trading of people for forced labor or sexual misuse. In the United States human trafficking becomes a million dollar question and people know it as a modern slavery. People in the country use others for their benefit and profit. For example, a victim becomes a prostitute or domestic slave for the benefit of their owner. Human trafficking is a crime that occurs in other countries to foreign country. Many Americans remain unaware of human trafficking within the United States, trusting that this cruel act only occurs in third-world countries. But more than 50,000 people a year are exposed to human trafficking. Maximum victims are women and young girls from Central America and Asian countries. The central reasons for human trafficking in the United States are slavery, prostitution, lack of language and communication skills, poverty, and Government corruption. .
             About 150 years ago slavery was eliminated throughout the world, when people understood that all are equal in their rights and violation of them in relation to a person of any sex, status and nationality is a crime. It would appear now living in a current civilized humane society. We should forget about this cold-hearted purchase and sale of human beings forever, but truth says that this activity not only reached upsetting scopes, but continues to flourish. Domestic slavery is a first reason for human trafficking in the United States. Domestic slavery means victims are enslaved by the owner at their home and working as owner wish. Victims of this equally extensive form of trafficking come primarily from evolving countries. They are engaged and trafficked using trick and pressure and find themselves held in conditions of slavery in a variety of jobs. Men, women and children are involved in agricultural and construction work and other labor work. In the book the Slave Next Door Kevin Bales and Ron Soodalter gives an example of a woman named Lakshmi.

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