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Movie Summary - Witness

            Two unique individuals can come together, and fall in love. However, due to their total differences of their cultures, their love for one another can not develop as both of their cultures can come together briefly but cannot mix. This is evident throughout the film Witness, directed by Peter Weir as the audience can see the awkwardness of the relationships between not only John Book and Rachel Lapp, but also between the mainstream society and the Amish. The core theme of this film is the collision and conflict of the two cultures, there are numerous visible differences between them which include; dress, language, religion and lifestyle. The two main characters in this film symbolize different cultures. Rachel Lapp embodies the Amish, whilst John Book signifies the mainstream society.
             Rachel's Amish lifestyle is highly based on religion. She lives a life of simplicity and humility, cut off from the outside world. She strongly believes in peace and cooperation. Schaeffer Quotes "the Amish do not live in the 20th century, do not think in the 20th century". He is trying to explain they are too different for the modernised society to mix with. Like the whole Amish community, Rachel is a firm believer in no violence, this becomes clear in the questioning scene, and where John Book throws the suspect against the car window, and Rachel is disgusted how John has treated the suspect, as it is not her way, however, John does not understand why Rachel feels this way as it is considered normal in his mainstream society.
             The Amish are a collectivist society, meaning they work together as one so they can benefit from each other, and form a stronger community. The most recognisable scene of the Amish working together, is the barn rasing scene. It signifies the town coming together as one to lend each other a helping hand. Step by step they are there for each other, and always taking care of one another.

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