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Film Summary - The Mission

             Martyrdom is defined as giving your life for a noble cause. Forms of punishment a Martyr may experience include torture, rape, starvation, or imprisonment, or any of the ways we humans have developed to torment other people. One example of Martyrdom in the film The Mission, is when Father Julian is crucified over the falls by the Guarani which inspires Father Gabriel to reach out to the tribe himself. After successfully making contact and connecting with the Guarani and establishing a mission to convert the tribe to Catholicism, almost every person involved became a Martyr. Mendoza was shot and fatally wounded after fighting to protect the Guarani from the invading Portuguese and Spanish military and more specifically after he had helped two Guarani children who were struggling on a bridge to run away from the opposing soldiers. The soldiers then fired at the Guarani children, women, and Father Gabriel as they proceeded outside the Church after Eucharist, killing many. They died Martyrs as they refused violence and were killed while pledging their obedience to God: a truly noble cause. Fielding sacrificed himself by killing the Portuguese commander and a few more soldiers before he himself was killed, dying a noble man fighting for a just cause.
             2. The definition of a Missionary is "a person who hears Jesus' words of challenge in his or her heart and joins an organization of like minded people to preach Jesus Christ's word and kingdom". In the movie, Rodrigo joined the Jesuit community as a form of redemption. He first carried a bundle of armour up the falls and once he reached the top, the Guarani cut it off and threw it down the falls as a sign of forgiveness for Mendoza's wrongdoing of slaving the Guarani. Once he was at the falls, he started living, helping, and playing with the Guarani people. He helped them build a Church which was used many times throughout the film.

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