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Technology for Secondary Language Elementary Schools

            Society today is filled with technology; everywhere someone looks, there is a different piece of technology. Technology has proven to enhance the lives of humans in every way possible, especially in education. It has been used to engage students for classroom learning with it's bright touchscreens and colorful applications for subjects including reading, vocabulary, math, and science by allowing students to explore a particular subject on their own terms. Using iPads to map out the solar system is much more engaging and interactive than staring at a piece of paper. Considering the focus of technology being used in everyday life and in general education classrooms, it's imperative that it continues to evolve and be incorporated into education, especially with language acquisition for young students. iPods can be used to support language development and content learning for elementary English Language Learners (ELL) (Min Liu, 2014), while other iPod or iPad applications can help to expand their vocabulary (Nisbet, 2013). The majority of focus so far has been to apply technology in general education classrooms; consequently, the next question to consider is: how can iPads, iPods, and computer programs can enhance second language acquisition for elementary ELLs?.
             The first type of technology that could help with the acquisition of a second language is an iPad. IPads and their applications, or "apps", can offer a wide range of engagement and learning tools (Nisbet, 2013). A study conducted by Rivera et al, using an iPad to create a digital story, demonstrated that it enhanced the vocabulary for students. "Mayer's (2005) multimedia theory can allow a learner to make faster connections between pictures and new vocabulary, enhancing the learning process." (Rivera, Mason, Moser & Ahlgrim-Delzell, 2014 pg. 45) iPads also offer a means of engagement and something for the learner to look forward to using during the school day.

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