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             The career that I have been very interested in is education, secondary education. It is a very tough field to get into but it can be very fun and rewarding at the same time. I think it is very important to have a good strategy when you first step into the classroom. All teachers use strategies in their classrooms to help students learn. Some of these strategies have been learned in teacher education programs or professional development workshops. Other types of strategies have been developed on the job, for example, when addressing students" individual learning challenges. Special education teachers have the opportunity to learn a wide variety of instructional strategies during their teacher preparation program. All teachers encounter a variety of students. Instructional strategies that have been shown to help a wide range of students ensure access to the general curriculum for students with disabilities.
             "Instructional strategies can be thought of as having one or more of the following purposes:.
             1. To help students learn basic skills, such as reading, writing, speaking, listening, and computation. .
             2. To help students understand and remember the facts and concepts taught in school settings. .
             3. To help students learn independently and transfer knowledge to non-school situations." ( University of Minnesota ).
             Some instructional strategies have been studied. They were studied to determine their effectiveness with students, mainly students with disabilities. Other strategies have also been tested, such as mixed-ability classrooms with struggling students who do not have identified disabilities. There are also teaching strategies that are considered effective based on case studies, anecdotal evidence, because they fit well with a respected theoretical or conceptual approach.
             To become a good teacher, besides getting good grades in your college courses, I think it is very important to also work on being facilitators or coaches.

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