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Poverty in Somalia

            I think that Somalia is a beautiful place, but they just lack food, sanitation, health care, and education. You probably know the people that have never seen Somalia just talk rubbish and say stupid things to hurt the people's feeling. The photos that you see on the news of Somalia are the places where homeless people live. Also, when you see the kid on the television that has a dirty face, it's just to show the whole world that Somalia is a bad and dirty place. But, we all know that one-day Somalia is going to be the place everyone wants to visit. However today poverty is killing Somalia. Yes, poverty is killing Somalia, but Somalis can improve. If every country just did a little more then just donating money, you will see families off the streets in to homes. Just think about when everything becomes better. We all want to go see are homeland. All the Somali people in other country want to go back and see are homeland. Somalis have suffered much. They have experience much conflict and have lost countless citizens and lost many of their people in the fighting.
             The number one thing that started poverty in Somalia is food scarcity.
             People think food is a joke, but it is not. You eat 3 times a day and eat snacks when you are hungry.  The people in poverty don't pick when they want to eat.  When you get hungry you run to the refrigerator and look for food, but in Somalia there is no refrigerator. Money is one of the most difficult things to make in Somalia. You make less than a dollar a day. If you have no money, you can't buy food. Also their livestock is unprotected and vulnerable to wild animals. Lot of people in Somalia is dying of starvation. .
             When crop seasons come they are not good at all. They keep planting food at the same place every year. It means if you keep you keep planting seeds every year the soil will dry, and the soil can't be used.  In Somalia it doesn't snow. It's 9-month of sunshine and 3 month of rain.

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