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The City of Chicago

            In the city of chicago theres an estimated amount of 62,000 vacant homes reported at the end of last year. Families were forced to move out due to unpaid mortages or taxes. Banks reclaimed the homes but did not maintain those homes properly. Uncut grasses, broken windows, trash on the lawn, etc. Those vacant properties are nearly destroyed due to weather and criminal act. Some people may have entered the homes for prostitution, drug selling and even stealing anything valuable that could be resold. Fixing all those vacant homes in Chicago alone will take the city thousands even millions of dollars to repair, But if we start of with one neighborhood at a time those vacant homes could be rebuilt and be occupied by families who need homes and may even reduce crime in chicago. In Englewood there are 3,500 empty properties, the highest number of vacant homes of Chicago neighborhoods. Many residents left due to lack of maintance of buildings, which makes that neighborhood look poor or unpleasant. Many people who are searching for hew homes look over Englewood because of those circumstances. If those banks were to tear down those houses and create section 8 homes, More people will be willing to live there and maybe the neighborhood would start being maintained properly and attract more people to live there.
             Banks that own those vacant properties won't willing put this idea in effect. If residents from that neighborhood would come together and propose that idea then they will try to pursue it. For centuries when people wants something to get done or fix they come together and protest the problem, When you pressure the government, city, and banks, they have no choice but to grant you your request. For example when blacks wanted equal rights they all came together to have there rights given. Locals should come together and propose this idea because it would create a safer environment for their families and themselves.

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