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A Letter of Appeal

             I am writing this letter to further explain the reasoning behind my actions. As I came into school this fall 2015 semester I was made aware that my financial scholarships were taken away and no longer rewarded to me because of my last year's actions. My grades were not up to standards as they should have been. Because of this, I was not given my scholarships that help to pay for my tuition. I decided that college is where I want to be so despite the financial hardships in paying for college, I had to find ways to pay what my awards covered before. Although my actions show I do not deserve these awards at the moment, I feel that I can prove this year and years to come that I do. School is very important to me and finding an easier way to afford it will make it all easier for me to continue in the College of Mount Saint Vincent.
             There were various reasons behind my actions that will no longer be repeated. My first year of college was a very difficult adjustment for me. I went to a small catholic school in the Bronx in which I did very well. College was a different experience for me altogether and I had to get myself adjusted like any other student. In September, of last year, my father was the only one supporting me as a single father. In September, my father got admitted to the hospital and it was hard for me because he was the only one who was the one constantly there for me. My father was my support system financially, spiritually and emotionally. To see him in such state, took a toll on how I felt. College was already a hardship for me and then personal problems added to the stress. I tried to cope with it the best I can and my friends that I met here at college helped me the best I can. Seeing my dad in a bad state, made me feel like I was not capable to work at my best. As chemistry major, my school life was not easy for me along with my personal life. I spoke to my advisor who helped me and decided that I no longer wanted to complete my chemistry classes.

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