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Enemy of The People - A Letter from Katherine Stockmann

             After yesterday night's events, I think it is best for me to communicate on behalf of Thomas for the elapsed development of the Baths issue. As you and the whole town know after all that had happened, my husband believes deeply in his findings and that the town's main source of revenue, the Baths have been infected by the grave pollution from Malledal. We both know that Thomas is a man of integrity and honesty. I being his mate, it is my duty to stand by him for his inquiries; however, this time I'm an not as cemented to believe that his decisions are in the best interest for our family. My family is true and dear in my heart, I would do anything to guarantee their wellbeing and shall not stand for this elation to be jeopardized. With you being a man of the people, I do hope you can appreciate that. Thomas has been wronged and he would never see past the good of the town other than for his medical obligation. You must be able to understand where his intentions comes from and can excuse him, for otherwise this would lead to the destruction of my family.
             Thomas is a man of science and with his career, it influences his ideology in many aspects. Thomas sometimes doesn't "know how to control himself "(216) and would entrust in his scientific knowledge above intuition, sense and all. "He is swayed by his heart rather than his head " (219), acts with haste and it is this dedicated trait of his that wounded up hurting him in the tenure of these past few weeks just as you had foresighted. Thomas dedicates his life to his work and with that dedication, I cannot question the credibility behind his claims, but I will express to you how I feel about all of this and my viewpoint as a mother. With that great amount of devotion for his work, it takes away from his consideration for his family. Thomas has just slightly "forgotten [his] duty towards [the ones] he [has] to provide for " (191), but he will never forget his dedication to fatherhood.

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