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Reflection of Society

            In a perfect world, people will do what is right for the common goods. There will be no suffering, argument caused by people and their emotions. Over hyped emotions of people is almost always the cause of all misunderstanding in this world. For example in the Philippines today, there is always a crisis upon the price of gasoline. Emotions fume during the argument, the consumers think the gasoline company is being totally unfair and want the price of gasoline to go down. They believe that they don't respect the consumer's needs on the other hand gasoline manufacturers emotion of selfishness to make more money kicks in. By their point of view the consumers are not paying enough for their product and they demand they raise their prices. The best solution to all this argument is to come to a compromising price, one where consumers will not be burdened however gasoline manufacturers get their adequate profits. However in today's world it is the rich and powerful who dictate the rules. Gasoline manufacturers raise their prices as they wish, nothing wrong with that because they have every right too if you look at it in a legalistic point of view. The government is trying to stop them however they argue that tampering with the price of a product of a private company is illegal. In a moralistic stand point, it is extremely sad that millions have to suffer with high gas prices while the owners of gas companies just get richer and richer. .
             Is there no justice left in the world today? .
             In "An Enemy of the People" the very situation in the play reflects the view of society today. It is a society where the rich and powerful get what they want and the poor and weak get oppressed of their rights. Once again in a perfect world this would not be needed however people do have emotions and this will affect their decision making greatly. Dr. Stockmann is a scientist who is the chief medical officer where it is his job to keep the springs healthy.

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