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Preferred Mate Characteristics

            This study's purpose is to draw conclusions about the correlation between expressed and demonstrated mate preferences. They examine the sex differences in mate preferences and the relations between ideal and real mate characteristics. Usually males are thought to value physical attractiveness higher than other characteristics and women to look for stability. Some characteristics are wanted by both males and females. Such as dependable character, pleasing disposition, and emotional maturity. A lot of studies previously done have come out inconclusive and contradictory when testing these things. The conclusions of their study came out with no significant sex differences between the value of general physical attractiveness, popularity, shared activities, shared values, family dynamics, and masculine and feminine qualities between men and women. There was however, sex differences in specific characteristics. Men were more likely to value a partner's weight eye or hair color. While women valued height, earning power, long-term relationships, and the number of previous partners. .
             They also look into factors that predict how long a relationship lasts. There is past research surrounding an evolutionary perspective. Many of them show reliable results but it is less clear that the basic differences found are true for real-life dating situations. The results also show that women preferences depend on where they stand financially and educationally. Results showed that women who have advanced education tend to have short-term relationships. These women are also less likely to look for men with high wealth and status. Women in this position aren't always looking for long-term relationships because they don't need someone to provide for them when they can do it themselves. Their study concluded that when a couple shared values, had positive family dynamics and the partner had an appropriate amount of past relationships the relationship lasted longer.

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