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Diane Feinstein - Environmental Views

            Dianne Feinstein is the United States Senator for California. As she is in public display, she has open views about our country's use of natural resources, and our effect on the environment. She chairs the Subcommittee¬†on Energy and Water, and has made changes to the fuel economy standards, is an advocate of California Desert Protection and CALFED, and believes in healthy forest preservation. She was also a part of the Lake Tahoe restoration, the San Francisco Bay Wetlands restoration and the Headwater's Forest agreement. These statutory accomplishments reveal some of her views on our environment.
             Her choices in legislature involve the continued preservation of our environment. Feinstein supports the fuel economy standards changed, creating congress's first act on global warming, the over 7,000,000 acres of California Desert being declared a reserve, and CALFED. There is now an increase in the standard fuel economy for "cars, trucks and SUVs by at least 10 miles per gallon over 10 years or from 25 mpg to 35 mpg by Model Year 2020" (Feinstein). Over the course of at least 20 years, there has never been such a drastic change made. The many acres of California Desert protection are currently considered the biggest reserve ever proclaimed in the history of the U.S. On top of these accomplishments, the California Bay Delta Authority (CALFED) has helped reestablish our delicate water bionetwork with the endorsement of a $395 million fund to stabilize the program. .
             The senator reinforces her preservation views of natural resources through her support of the healthy forest movement, the Headwater's Forest agreement, and the San Francisco Bay Wetlands restoration. The healthy forest movement has further thinned harmful fuels in the hopes of decreasing the hazard in uncontrolled fires. This is the only legal protection ever been given to the termed "old growth" forests in the U.

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