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Book Reprt

             I am reading the book Phone Calls by R. The book reflects how two best friends, Diane and Julie, get into a big argument over one phone call. Which the gets Diane's brother Toby, Ramar, Mick Wilson and Mick Hardesty all involved.
             Diane gives her best friend a phone call telling Julie to call Mick because he liked her. When she called him she was to tell him she was doing an interview for the school newspaper, which she was not even on.
             Well Julie decides she is going to call Mick Wilson, who is a senior and the most popular guy in school and basketball. Julie tells him what she is doing. When she gets to his house she doesn't even have a tape in the tape recorder.
             Julie gets mad because she thinks Diane set her up, so she plays a joke on Diane. Well Julie has Diane's brother Toby to tell Diane that Mick Wilson liked her, and for her to call him.
             Diane calls Mick Wilson and he didn't even know who she was, so she got mad at Julie and Toby and it caused problems. Julie keeps going along with the jokes and it finally ended their friendship and Diane and her brother Toby doesn't get along anymore. Then when that happened a foreign exchanged student, Ramar, who is living with Diane and Toby, gets involved in the argument.
             Well when that happened no one got along but Toby, Julie and Ramar. Diane and Mick Wilson got along. Mick and Diane got along because Mick knew it was a misunderstanding.
             When I first started to read this book, I knew Diane was going to be my favorite character because in the beginning she was right and Julie was wrong. Julie thought Diane was trying to get her and Mick Wilson together, but that's not even how things were. Diane was trying to get Julie and Mick Hardesty together. Well the only misunderstanding was Julie.
             When all of that happened, Julie couldn't stand not having Diane as a friend anymore so she called her to appologize to her. Diane explained to Julie that she meant Mick Hardesty, not Mick Wilson.

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