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The Positive Consequences of Drinking Coffee

            Coffee has long been introduced to mankind as a beverage and has then become popular among people of all walks of life throughout the world. People consume coffee for some purposes varying from person to person. People's coffee drinking fashions are individually shaped by what they think about its importance and application. They may drink it every day as their energy booster or occasionally as one of their thirst slakers. Both positive and negative effects of drinking coffee have been identified in connection with the caffeine content held in it, yet the positive ones are more likely to be taken into account for the purpose of advantages. Further, drinking optimal doses of coffee results in three positive consequences involving weight loss, stress reduction, and mental benefits. .
             Playing an important role as an assistant to weight loss is perceived to be the first consequence of drinking coffee. According to Dr. Len Kravitz of the University of New Mexico, it has been revealed that drinking coffee yields two benefits that may bring about weight loss. Appetite suppression is created after we drink coffee but it happens very healthily if the intake is moderate. People will crave for less food if they drink coffee in the afternoon or after dinner. Whereas calorie burning or energy metabolism as the other benefit gets to a higher rate when we consume coffee, meaning that more fat in the body is to be eliminated by this process. It is also important to notice that some caffeinated beverages are high in calories and fat since some shots of flavored syrup or milk or cream may be added to modify the taste of the coffee and that would make it have as many calories as an entire meal. So instead of losing weight, people might totally gain their weight if they do not realize this fact. That is why plain coffee or black coffee is highly recommended because it will never adversely affect people's weight-loss attempts and has even been proved to be beneficial.

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