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Sunny & 79 in Miami by Brian James

            The story "Sunny & 79 in Miami" by Brian James is a short story dealing with a lot of dialogue with pauses and breaks between a young man and young lady. The narrator seems to have a crush on the young lady. The narrator tells the story in both the present and the future. Pacing back and forth helps the reader understand what kind of relationship were reading from the story. The two characters which are nameless seem to have or have had a friendship and are trying to rebuild what they had, but at the end seem to have found what they both are looking for. .
             In the short story the characters are very aware of what to speak off or mention to the other person. In the story they use a lot of pauses/breaks so the reader understands that they are holding some topics to themselves. Which means they obviously have more to say. In the short story it states, "We're disconnected: because of you, because of me, because of ourselves, because of the fiber wires coming down after thirty-six hours of snow" (pg.2). This explains that they indeed have some type of relationship because they talk on the phone for hours. The only reason they feel disconnected is because they haven't been speaking because of the storm. .
             The weather in the story just like the title plays a part in the story. As you can tell both characters in the story dislike the cold, maybe because it had them rush there conversation. You can tell that both characters dislike the storm when the text states, "I'm not sure if everything is okay. Perhaps it's the weather" (pg.2). . Also, because it's the main reason why they couldn't speak at night. .
             As you could tell the male has a crush on the female because he hates the fact he sometimes can't speak on the phone with her because his roommate is using it. The narrator states, "Your eyes brighten, melting the ones that fall near your face" (pg.1). The way the male speaks of the female tells us that he likes her.

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