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Engineering Project - Saving Water

            Water is an essential and basic need of every living thing on our planet. The conservation of this resource is thus paramount to make sure that it sustains life. Bathing is among the activities that wastes a lot of water; there is no means of determining the exact amount of water that is adequate. Additionally, the heating systems of the water in many households are located far from the faucets. For this reason, it takes time for the water to heat up, and thus some water goes to waste while waiting for it to get warm. The challenge can be solved by installing the heating device directly on the taps or heating the water supplying pipes so that as the water passes through it gets warm.
             The installation of water heaters in the taps could significantly reduce the time the water takes to warm. The process can be done by having an instant heating unit fixed close to the water discharge section. The technique utilizes a boiler unit that is fitted below the water outlet area in a tap and thus allowing the water to warm before being released. Having the tap fixed directly on the heating system reduces the amount of water that might come out before being heated, and thus water wastage will reduce considerably. For instance, the boiling area can be placed under a sink to allow for proximity to the tap. The boiling taps requires that one utilizes the safety measures that are given in the manuals to avoid any accidents. An on/off button will ensure that there is a regulation of the hot or cold water that is released from the tap. With the system, there will be less wastage of water in homes while one is waiting for it to get warm. As a result, water will be conserved and thus used in other activities. Proper maintenance of the unit and replacement after some time will be critical to ensure effectiveness.
             An alternative method is the heating of the pipes that supply the water. The procedure will entail the use of heating systems around the pipes.

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