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Why Sex Education Is Right

            Sex education is one of the most controversial ongoing debates in the United States. Some people believe that sex education should be taught at home or in church, while others believe it should be taught in all schools. All schools should provide sex education to teach children to understand what sex truly means. Sex education is what makes teenagers and young adults aware of birth control and the consequences of having sexual intercourse. This program should be a part of health classes and required for all students in schools. Sex education programs help parents explain sex to their children, and give teenagers proper information about sexual transmitted diseases, birth control, and their bodies.
             Judie Brown, the President of American Life League, believes that sex education in schools is wrong. She states, "Sex education programs in schools have been taking away the parents' responsibilities of teaching their children about human sexuality" (Sex Education: Why is it Wrong). Parents do have the right to teach their children about human sexuality, but many of them do not elaborate enough about the topic. Some parents do not inform their children about sex or things that relate to it. Parents either do not want to talk about sex with their children or they are worried that they will give them the wrong information. Other parents do not have the time to talk about the subject. Sometimes even teenagers feel uncomfortable talking to their parents about sex. This leads to teenagers not knowing what sex truly means and the consequences of having sex. With sex education, parents will not have to worry about having the awkward conversations. The program will cover all the information about sexual intercourse.
             Most teenagers may know what sex means, but they do not understand the dangers are of being sexually active. Teenagers need to know that there are consequences for being sexually active.

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