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The Impact of French Nationalism

            Nationalism can open a world of hypocrisy, devotion and arrogance to a nation. The world is full of people who believe that their country is loftier and superior to any other. Historically nationalism shows how masses of people who share cultural identity, have the feeling of confidence in their nation. That other countries should be like their nation. A main case of nationalism was during the French revolution and Napoleon's time (1789-1815). This uprising created a wave of change throughout time. Nationalism caused death, created a realization of what change would look like, and showed how the voice of the people changed nations.
             The French revolution began with enlightened ideas, the social and financial crisis, and finally an absolute monarchy (King Louis XVI). The bourgeoisie and mainly the third estate as a whole were tired of not having any choices of their own. The nobles and clergy had too many rights, and the king was spending too much money on wars. The third estate rebelled, this lead to a snowball effect throughout the 18th century, which made all French see themselves more as a citizen and that they were proud of their country rather than a follower of the king. The king was executed; a symbol of old monarchy changed to new-enlightened ways. Soon creating a constitutional monarchy. French enlightened thinkers created a new environment for the French, showing them that their country was superior, this rebellion and change showed Europe that a revolution was just beginning. .
             Napoleon saw nationalism as a crucial attribute to keep the loyalty of the French. Nationalism was the spark that enlightened Napoleon's victories against the counter revolutionists like The Girondins. He gave rights to his people, and couldn't take anything away from them, because they had no rights to start with. He was a manipulator, knew how to persuade a nation, a fighter, he knew what he wanted to for his country or ultimately for himself.

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