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Nursing - More than Just an Occupation

            Nursing happens to be a fast-growing occupation in the United States and makes up the majority of the healthcare industry ("Why Be A Nurse?"). I took nursing into consideration because several of my family members are nurses or are on their way becoming nurses. There are varieties of information to know from the program in nursing and within the experience of nursing in general. I have always wanted a career in which I would help people, have a passion for my career, and make a good amount of money. Being in the medical field, the annual salary can be surprising and that is why people think of pursuing a career in nursing. Hard work, self-motivation, and determination are ideal characteristics of attaining a profession as a registered nurse. Pursuing a career in nursing is a hardworking journey along with benefits and making a difference in many lives. .
             There are multiple steps in pursuing a career in the medical field and specifically nursing. The most important factor with a nursing occupation is the amount of school required. Of course in the medical field, a lot of science is required such has advanced biology and chemistry classes. The amount of classes needed may sound stressful or overwhelming but that is when determination comes in handy to accomplish those certain classes. Prerequisites to get into the nursing program for the School Of Nursing at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas are expected to take about two years. After two years of prerequisites, that will soon lead to being in the actual program in which is another two years for a completion. Their involvement and integration in real situations of decision-making in clinical practice should be mandated by the nursing curriculum (Vaismoradi et al., 269). Internship or experience may be required such as getting background information on the job and safety precautions that are ideal in the medical field. Nurse instructors teach students the basic principles of patient safety throughout the program (Vaismoradi et al.

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