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Four Functions Of Management

             In today's rapidly changing health care industry, the human component of management is becoming more important. As a Business Office Manager for a local home health agency I must be able to plan, organize, lead and control the office and the staff that I manage at all times. To be a successful manager I must have the knowledge and expertise to follow through on all four of these functions.
             Planning is a essential management function. In every organization, managers plan a wide variety of actions on a daily basis. As a manager I must also look at the long term and day to day operations. As part of my position planning is used to establish the goals and courses of action that are going to take place. Planning tells me what should be done to accomplish the goals of the company that I work for.
             Organizing tells me how it is done and who should be doing it. This function of management is defining the roles and responsibilities of each team member. In this process with the company that I work for I need to make sure that the right people are in place with the right materials to accomplish the mission of the company. I will describe each position briefly at my organization. We have an administrator who oversees the entire office. The next in command is the director of nursing. She is responsible for the daily clinical functions and making sure that her staff, which are the registered nurse (care managers) have the appropriate staff on board for the patients in there homes. My staff includes the office assistants; there assigned duties are to complete all data entry within 24-48 hours of patient admission to home care. Following on the next page is a organizational chart. Just to give you an idea on how the flow should go within my occupation.
             Leading is the process by which I direct the efforts of my employees towards the accomplishments of the organization's goals.

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