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Management functions

             A manager is simply an individual who delegates responsibility to others. The manager is the one who is in charge of a group or department within an organization or company. Management is basically just creative problem solving. Creative problem solving can be accomplished by using the four functions of management. The managers duties may vary but the basic functions of management remain the same. Planning, organizing, leading, and controlling are the four functions of management. How they are implemented and used in an organization is the responsibility of the manager. .
             Planning is an ongoing process that develops the company's mission and objectives it also helps to determine how they will be accomplished. Planning is something that we all do practically everyday. We have to plan each day accordingly to accomplish our most important task. By planning we are less likely to have any surprises and by knowing what our tasks are for the day we are more likely to get those task accomplished. Planning is a process that I use to manage my everyday life. Every morning at work I plan my day so that I can manage my time wisely and be productive. .
             Establishing the internal organizational structure in a company is called organizing. Organizing is focused on the coordination of divisions within the company, and the control of tasks and information flow. Through this managerial function managers distribute authority to the employees. Organizing becomes a very important function as employees apply for positions of dominance. It is this function that allows managers to decide who should or should not be in charge of various departments. Organizing the company's employee structure can make or break you"re company. The most important aspect of organizing is the manager's ability to properly place employees in the positions where they can excel and benefit the company. Since the organizational structure in the company that I currently am employed by is so meager and my supervisor and managers are complete idiots it is hard for me to fathom how my managers implement this function into the company.

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