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Functions of Management

            The functions of management in relation to an Internet Service Provider. Managers have to predict what the consumer wants. Talk to providers to negotiate deal of the services we get from them. Other managers have to watch the customer service department. The supervisors that my company calls team coordinators are the leaders of the customer service department. All levels of management take part in the making and enforcing policies for the company.
             The managers talk to our vendors, be it the people who provide the access to the internet or the people who give us the phone lines. We have them to make sure that there are enough phone lines for people to dial into. They make sure that we have the appropriate bandwidth for the customers to use. From negotiate the prices and duration of the contacts. They also take care of the building lease.
             Some of the other managers work directly with the customer service department, they watch for tends in call volume, scheduling, staffing, and assigning tasks. Call volume is usually pretty standard, it changes with the season but stays proportional from week to week. Like during the first and last week of a month call volume goes up, the rest of the month it is lower, this will affect the schedule that they make up for all the departments, the regular technicians, billing people, electronic support and advance products group. If there is a new product that is to come out those groups could be asked to hire another person for their group or they could be forced to loose a person if the volume and customer base shrinks. Some people are assigned special tasks, like hold a customer training class on the first Saturday of the month, to help teach the basics of the internet. Or they could ask for a person to research a set of accounts that all belong to one person, because there is an on going issue with that account, be it technical or billing, or at times both.

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