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Functions of Management

             The management process contains four basic functions; planning, organizing, leading and controlling. Each function is as important as the next. Leaving any of these key elements out of the management process could be detrimental to the organization. I am going to cover how these four functions of management apply to my organization, my immediate supervisor, and finally, my position. .
             Planning is the first function of the management process. Planning is setting goals and deciding on courses of action, developing rules and procedures, developing plans (both for the organization and for those who work in it), and forecasting (predicting or projecting what the future holds for the firm). Planning is a very important step in the management process. .
             I am currently working in the semi-conductor industry as a Field Service Engineer. For the purpose of examining the management process, I am going to discuss an equipment upgrade. This is a common task that is performed by Field Service Engineers and is monitored by all levels of management. It is crucial that equipment upgrades go according to the timelines provided to my company by our customers. .
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             Performing an equipment upgrade on a customer's site requires in-depth planning from my organization, as well as our customers. It is necessary to schedule equipment downtime with the customer. The customer must then plan how to complete their production goals while still having a tool "down" for the upgrade. .
             Planning is a crucial task for my supervisor. It is his responsibility to set the goals, write the action plans, and provide the appropriate procedures for the equipment upgrade. All these tasks need to be planned and understood before the upgrade can start. .
             Planning also applies to my position as a Shift Lead. It is necessary to make work assignments, schedule breaks, and predict job completion. Without proper planning, timelines can be missed resulting in prolonged equipment downtime.

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