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Four Functions of Management

            Based on what I have read in University of Phoenix (ED). (2002) I find my organization to be typical. What I mean by typical is our hierarchal structure is of the pyramid style: president, vice president, director, manager, supervisor and employee. My job function in the pyramid is manager of a department. "Management writers traditionally refer to the manager's four basic functions - planning, organizing, leading, and controlling - as the management process" (University of Phoenix (ED), 2002). I will detail how the four functions relater to my organization, supervisor, and position. .
             The first function, planning, is meticulous work for the organization. Once a year our president and vice presidents develop a three-year roadmap for the company. This roadmap is reviewed and revised every six months. This is a high level roadmap with broad deliverables. The vice presidents take the roadman and deliver it to their directors. The directors alone with their vice president review the roadmap and decide the best way to proceed with the task. Each director leaves knowing what part of the tasks belong to him and which task will have to be worked on jointly. The directors then get their managers together and the process is almost the same as the previous one between the vice president and the director. The key difference is this process puts detail to the broad deliverables. This process takes weeks to complete. As a manager I then relay it to my staff with the priorities. We take the detailed roadmap and break it into more detail. This detail is then relayed back up to my director.
             A direct result of the planning process is the organizing process. The organizing process happens at each step of the planning process. The president and vice presidents determine if additional departments are needed or if some departments need to be disbanded. They move personnel from the different groups to start new departments.

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