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Theory of Games and the Cuban Missil Crisis

            In this essay, I am going to write about international cases in which you can apply the different examples of the game theory. First of all I will explain what the game theory is and give a few demonstrations of it. Second of all, I will explain the specific case in which I decided to exemplify the game theory. Finally, I will explain or vindicate how the theory is applied to a specific case of international importance. In the next paragraph, I will explain what game theory is and give a few examples of it. .
             What is the game theory? Well the game theory is a method of studying in a strategic point of view decision making. This theory is very well known and it is mainly used in, political sciences, psychology, biology and economics. "I think game theory creates ideas that are important in solving and approaching conflict in general." (Robert Aumann). The theory of games gives us a very interesting vision about the nature of international negotiations and the ability in which cooperation can coexist with the conflict. This theory is usually made up of ingenious rational decision makers. There are basically two main kinds of games in this theory. One emphasizes the potential to confront or withstand while the other one the potential of cooperation. I will first address the zero-sum game, which is structured in a way in which what a side gains, the other side automatically loses. Such that one side gains unequivocally an equal net loss of the other side, in other words the conflict is absolute. In a diplomatic ambit, this would be a dispute over territory in which both States want the same portion of land. Obviously both States can't exercise sovereignty over it, although it could be possible to change the sum-zero game to a non zero-sum game or variable sum-game. .
             A variable sum-game consists in a way that both sides can gain something simultaneously, even though a side can gain a greater benefit than the other.

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