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Locke and Hobbes on Nature and War

            The state of nature and the state of war have a relationship that coincides with one another. A person's thoughts on the state of nature will articulate what his or her thoughts will be about the state of war, as they go hand in hand. Philosophers Hobbes and Locke have their own personal views of state of nature and state of war, while many similarities can be perceived many differences can be as well. Not only is Locke's view that man are capable of making their own decisions wrong, Hobbes proves that we as a society do in fact need the power to be held within the state. Hobbes views on the state of nature and the state of war are correct and should be lived by. Man are not capable of making large decisions for themselves or else our society would be a mess, but by having a government and a central power we as a society can live in peace. Within the essay I will discuss the similarities of the two philosophers view points, how one may think Locke's outlook is better, then explain why it is not and why Hobbes ideas are correct and in fact should be lived by.
             Locke and Hobbes show that in their two outlooks on the state of nature that they do indeed agree on some points. When speaking about the state of nature both Locke and Hobbes address the dangers that do occur. That when it come's to both of their own opinions toward the state of nature that there is some type of danger that will be involved whether it be from a higher power or from the people; they both speak of the dangers that come from their respected state of natures. Another similarity that the two speak of are that men are equal in their state of nature. Every man is equal to every other man in both Locke and Hobbes state of nature, neither one of them believe that certain people should be treated any better or any worse than the average man, that everyone should be treated equally. When it come's to Locke, he believes that in his state of nature there should be not have laws or a sovereign that controls the people, that people are free to do whatever they please.

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