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All the Small Things

            I am a firm believer that everyone should enjoy all the small things life has to offer. We often get lost in all the day to day routines. I am just as guilty. We wake up and rush through the early morning fog of waking up, getting coffee, getting dressed, waking up kids and spouses. We all go through it. Then once we have reached school or work, you rush through the day of trying to get everything done that has to be done by the time that bell rings or it's time to hit that time clock. But for me, when my little girl started preschool, it was a major eye opener. There I sat in my car in the parking lot, sobbing my eyes out. How did four years pass me by so quickly? That's when it hit me to stop everything. I had to take a moment to just recollect back over the years, when she walked, talked and even that time she ran through that backyard in only her socks, trying to catch a butterfly. I finally gathered myself enough to leave the parking lot and go on about my day. But that day has forever changed my life. I now come home from work and leave work at work, just like that. It took me awhile to get it fully. But I do not want to miss another moment and sit and wonder where the time has gone. I literally stop and smell the roses, in my mother's front yard or even when I'm passing by a flower shop on my way out that day. I now have a list of questions we ask each other at the dinner table every night. .
             No one is perfect, and I know I am not. I fail everyday trying to do the next right thing. However, I am more aware of the small things life has to offer. I don't solely look at just the big picture, so to speak. Like now days, when you go out to eat, you don't see conversation between the people sitting at the table together. You see everyone on their own little device. My family went out to lunch the other day at Chick-fil-a and there was two different families sitting there eating and both had toddlers in high chairs, seems fairly normal right? However, it wasn't five minutes into eating their meal and not one but both toddlers from the different families weren't even eating anymore because someone had handed them a cellular phone to play on while the adults ate there food.

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