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The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

            The Night Circus takes place in a circus, Le Cirque Des Rêves. Here, two young illusionists, Celia and Marko, will be competing for their lives soon. Their masters have trained them since they were kids. Their part in this competition is not a choice; they are bound to compete with each other by a ring their masters put on their fingers many years ago. There are numerous character archetypes in this story, but the hero, the innocent and the caregiver are the ones that are the most important in this book. .
             The archetypal hero in a story is considered to have strength, courage, stamina, faith and competing against great odds. He has challenges of arrogance and delusions of grandeur. The hero is not always perfect or have super powers, but he is the character the author intends the reader to root for and to be their role model in the story. In the book The Night Circus, the character Celia Bowen is considered to be the hero of the story. She is the main protagonist and a beautiful young woman, with brown curly hair and intense eyes. As an illusionist, her best skill is her ability to repair broken things. She was born with the gift of real magic and she would spend the rest of her life passing her magic off as illusions for paying audiences. Since she was a kid, her father trained her art, challenging her to dark tasks like repairing her fingertips after he slits them open and resetting her bones after he smashes them. Her father engages her in a dual to the death with a opponent (Marco). She works as an illusionist at a circus where she meets her opponent. She is considered to be the hero of the story, because she does what she can to keep the circus together, recognizing the fact that the circus, the venue for her dual with Marco, has put many people, people she has come to call her friends, in danger. She is the hero in this novel and she matches the characteristics for Hero archetypes, because she is the one that figures out how to save both her and Marco and the rest of Le Cirque des Reves.

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