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Overcoming Global Conflicts

            Doing business overseas is not as easy as it seems, there are a lot of different aspects in which we have to be careful to not offend someone or give off the wrong vibe. Some countries like the United States are always in hurry and rushing to get things done, while other countries take the time to make sure that they come to the right decision. In this paper I will be explaining how to overcome some obstacles that stand in the way of doing business overseas. In this paper I will be explaining how different locations mean different things, how to help gap the language barrier that might exist, and how to create and build a successful partnership with an overseas company.
             Foreign Barrier.
             The hardest part about doing business in a foreign country is the cultural barriers that need to be overcome, ranging from the customs of the country to the language that they speak. If we are unable to breach the gap that separates us in these instances then we have no chance of creating a lasting relationship with these foreign countries. .
             When working in a foreign country the language barrier is going to be the biggest obstacle you face. The best way to prepare for this is to do your homework and try to learn the basics of the language before you arrive. If you arrive in a new land with no knowledge of the culture and language you are going to be at much more of a disadvantage. When doing business overseas it is not normally sprung up on you it is normally planned out that you are going there. If you know where you are going to do business get a basic knowledge of the language. If you have the basics down then the rest of it will come a lot easier than showing up to a foreign land with no background, [ CITATION HMa05 l 1033 ]. .
             Before heading to the foreign country it is smart to get in touch with them so there is a solid base for what is going to happen, however calling foreign countries is never cheap but there is ways around it.

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