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The Dangers of Social Media

             I was waiting patiently for my father to come home from his office. He promised to bring me to the playland on that weekend. I had a lot of fun there. I still remembered the moment when I took the super roller-coaster. We also captured every moment when we ate chocolate ice cream, sipping the fresh air and watching the birds flew above the blue sky. Nature! Ever since the computers and the internet have become widely used in our society, most people have addicted to them.People prefer to spend their time on online games, rather than to play real outdoor games.I can say that social media have many benefits but every coin has its reversed side. There are actually dangers associated with social media such as exposing users to cyber crime, causing health problems and increasing relationship issues.
             First and foremost, the dangers of social media is exposing users to cyber crime.Cybercrime is an everyday problems that threatens business operations and causes large out-of-pocket expenses for individual and corporate victims alike. It is easy to become a cybercriminal because it requires few computer skills, spyware and the other form of malware are openly available online.In addition, it can led to many concern that users are displaying far too much information. Underage users may not be aware of privacy issues, we may inadvertently post personal information,or inappropriate photographs online. We seldom think that this will be important and never consider that this information might fall into the wrong hands. Plus, it can also causes of cyberbullying that many teenagers turn to be depression, stress, headache and bedwetting. As the conclusion, cybercrime is one of the dangers of social media.
             Next, the dangers of social media is also health effect. More than 460 teenagers at a secondary school were questioned about their general and leisure time activity, and many of them use time for social media.

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