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High-Speed Trains: The Future of California Transportation

            Can you imagine our country without trains? By the 19th century, the ability to transfer goods by ways of high speed transportation had revolutionized our country. Our vast nation was finally connected. Now, there is a proposal to improve one of the needed prompts that will make our country run more efficiently. A system of high speed trains has been a possibility in America for the past couple of decades. This would be more than just a locomotive on steroids, but a sleek new design or possibly a magnetic levitating train (Maglev). While Europe and Asia have already taken full benefit of high speed trains, America has sat back and weighed the options. California is the hotspot for the idea, yet there are many who find issues with it. Despite its shortcomings, a high speed rail would ultimately benefit our state. It would create new jobs, bring in new revenue, and eliminate the need for other transportation improvements.
             The main problem of a high speed rail is that it would potentially not bring in enough money. The general public has concerns that it would not find use for it, or find it to be affordable. One example is the route from Washington D.C. to New York, where there is a high speed train called the Acela. Designers initially promised that it would go up to 170 miles per hour. However, this had to be compromised for safety issues. The problem is that predominantly wealthy businessmen use this line. They are the group for whom the train was specifically designed. It was hoped that citizens might take advantage of it, but they weren't taken in account by the planners. The possibility in California is a completely different scenario. There are two plans: one system connecting San Diego, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, and another bridging Los Angeles and Nevada. These routes would entice businessmen, like the Acela, but also many going on vacation. Either of these routes would be faster door to door than a flight (Billitteri).

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