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The High-Speed Railroad Project in California

            Should California climb on aboard on the bullet train? Since Japan opened the world's  first high-speed rail line in 1964, other countries have raced to build a better high-speed train. United States, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, China, United Kingdom and other countries in Europe and Asia has built a high-speed rail. China holds the world record of the fastest high-speed rail line. In fact, the construction of a new high-speed rail in California begins very soon in Fresno. The train will be built to travel two-hundred miles per hour, from Los Angeles to San Francisco. It should take as little as three hours to get from Los Angeles to San Francisco. Ever since the project of the construction of the high-speed rail was brought up over six years ago, there has been a lot of critical issues the government must contemplate. If we look on the bright side of this project, America may catch up on this new era of technology. Even though the high-speed rail project is inordinate for technology advancement, there are an abundant of concerns to consider before initializing the construct. .
             The California high-speed rail project has many critics mainly because of the amount of government spending that it will be needed to accomplish this project. The issue between the taxpayers and the big government has always been exceedingly problematic. Additionally. the U.S. government has been in a recession for these past years, as have been noted through the news. It is not a great shock Obama wants to spend more of U.S. government money. Randy James, from Time Inc. announces in the article, "A Brief History of High-Speed Rail", that Obama requests eight billion dollars to initiate the project and spend another five billion dollars in the next five years after the project is built. Lavishly amounts of money is necessitated for the high-speed rail project. The U.S. economy is really not in good standing to be able to put into such a huge investment.

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